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Suit for the Maintenance of Body Humidity and Temperature in Premature and Newborn Babies

Newborn infants, especially prematures, suffer from large water loss due to skin immaturity. In addition, they are unable to maintain their body temperature. This requires technically complex thermo- and water regulating devices to ensure the survival of the premature or newborn baby. The SpaceSuit by Fritz Stephan GmbH offers a new solution to this problem.
Individual Microclimate
SpaceSuit consists of a transparent, skin friendly polyurethane material which encloses the newborn’s body like a gentle protective membrane, providing protection from postnatal loss of heat or humidity due to evaporation. Similar to the situation inside the womb, the infant is now able to stabilize and maintain the natural body temperature without additional physical strain. Thanks to its outstanding material characteristics, SpaceSuit is suitable for rapid primary care and gentle transport of the newborn to the ward. It may also be used for examinations inside NMR imaging devices. In addition, SpaceSuit may also be used for the prevention of nosocomial infections. The perfect protection for our tiniest patients.

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