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The new NAOS Lamps are the fruit and results of recent
studies carried out on the efficiency of the new Power LEDs
for  the  treatment  of  hyper-bilirubin  in  newborns.  The
research in this field has permitted the creation a new line
of GINEVRI phototherapy lamps.
The new lamps are equipped with 6 Power Blue LEDs for
treatment of jaundiced newborns which emit light energy in
wavelengths centred around 455nm. The resulting power, 5
or 6 times more than the normal fluorescent lamps, greatly
increases the treatment’s efficiency with a total Irradiance
max  >  1.000  µw/cm2  and  an  area  of  phototherapy
illumination at 80 cm of 70x40 cm2 (27x16 in2). Illumination
is provided by 4 Daylight White LEDs which make clear and
accurate observation of the newborn possible. The new line
of phototherapy lamps is presented in two versions the NAOS

Brochures (PDF)