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The phototherapy lamp MIRA, uses last generation POWER
LED technology to produce therapeutic blue light (425-475nm)
and fiber optics to dose the therapy on infant babies
with jaundice. It has a light and compact design with a “soft
touch” control panel where are present warnings, alarms and
a wide display indicating therapy times, visible up to a 7m
The therapeutic radiation, produced by a HIGH POWER LED,
is transferred, through a flexible fiber optic cable, to a small
dimension pad that must be positioned in contact with the
patient’s skin.
The compact design makes possible to perform the therapy
directly in the baby bed as well as for home care. If necessary
it can be used combined to a standard phototherapy lamp
granting maximum efficiency and greater reduction of
patient therapy exposure.
The phototherapy lamp MIRA is portable and can be placed
on a shelf or a trolley.

Brochures (PDF)