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Flexible and reliable

The Reanimator F 120 was developed by F. Stephan GmbH specifically for initial care and short-term ventilation of prematurely born infants and newborns. In two versions, available with built-in gas blender or dual flowmeter, the F 120 is convincing particularly because of its user-friendliness, flexibility and robustness. The respirator works according to the constant-flow principle, controlled by volume over time and limited in terms of pressure, and was conceived for the IMV and CPAP forms of ventilation. Additionally a manual ventilation is possible.

Perfect monitoring is of crucial importance, especially in neonatology. For this reason, the F 120 guarantees the highest level of safety through clear monitoring of breathing fequency and absolutely reliable alarm function upon disconnection, stenosis or power failure. A built-in O2 monitor with settable alarm limits monitors optimum supply of the desired oxygen concentration to the newborn.

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