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The ELIOSLamp, unique of its type, has been designed to
integrate intensive phototherapy treatment with heating
newborns who can be placed in beds, changing tables and
neonatal treatment tables. The apparatus is equipped with
an infrared radiant heating element for heating, 6 high
efficiency blue Power LEDs  for intensive phototherapy
treatment, with a total Irradiance max > 1.000 μw/cm2
an area of phototherapy illumination at 80 cm of 70x40 cm2
(27x16 in2), and 4 high efficiency white Power LED’s for
illumination and inspection of the newborn, everything
integrated for use and control by an electronic
microprocessor controlled control module.  The Heating System
consists  of  a  350W  radiant  quartz  tube  with  infrared
emission and can be used in either Manual or Automatic

Brochures (PDF)