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Engineering Base

The Electrical Engineering Office

To ensure compatibility with differing standards used worldwide, symbols, forms, and electrical designations are contained for both traditional American and International (IEC) standards. Engineering Base uses the familiar look and feel of a Windows interface/application. This includes the Engineering Base Explorer window in Visio, and the hierarchical structure and cataloging in its Navigation Pane. 

The easy and intuitive use of "drag and drop" and "cut and paste" ensures a short learning curve worldwide due to this universally accepted editing standard. Build a B.O.M. in real time as you place objects on the drawing. No need to run time consuming batch files to accumulate and process data. Graphical editing is handled by Microsoft Visio, the easy to use diagramming tool that is the choice of millions of users worldwide. Microsoft's SQL Server application serves as the basis for an architecture that is scalable from a “Stand Alone” application to a workgroup/server based environment. VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is included with Engineering Base 2004 to allow for the creation of macros to manipulate data or permit customized interaction with other applications. Through the use of Unicode, all languages and fonts - particularly those required for the Asian market - can be used. With a defined orientation to a worldwide market, Engineering Base 2004 will be available by mid-2004 in English, Spanish and Chinese language versions. 

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