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EVE, now with neonatal mode
Sophie with SPOC automatic SpO2 controller

In cooperation with Ulm University Hospital, Fritz Stephan GmbH has developed an automatic

FiO2 control system for stabilizing patient SpO2 oxygen saturation. ­ The automatic oxygen saturation controller
“SPOC” is now available for our neonatal ventilation unit SOPHIE. By combining SOPHIE &
SPOC with the existing SpO2 monitoring at your clinic, double measurement can now be avoided and the ventilators can support the operator in keeping saturation stabile and closer to the user defined target SpO2.
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MobiDoc docking trolley for safe intrahospital transport and patient-transfer

Relieving the burden during emergency transport by managing the entire emergency equipment on MobiDoc.

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EasyFlow nCPAP

For a gentle, non invasive ventilation, especially with premature and newborn infants, prongs and masks that fit perfectly are of utmost importance.   

The new EasyFlow system of Fritz Stephan GmbH adjusts ideally to the child’s anatomy, thus minimizing leakages and preventing irritations and injuries due to its innovative fastening system. This guarantees the highest comfort for the little patient

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SOPHIE neonatal ventilation, full range of modes including HFOV